Website Development

Everything from the website design and layout, to the 3D graphics and content is being updated. This will take time, but for the meantime this area has been set up to show some of the work that is going on behind the scenes. Everything here is a work in progress, and although not everything posted here will be directly related to the website development, it should give a better idea of how things are made and of the kind of work that is going on.

Test Room

Here are some renders, and breakdown images/video of a 3D test room created while developing the new 3D graphics.

Daytime Render
Nighttime Render
Different shading views of the test room
Test room scene breakdown
Video showing the buildup of the test room scene

The test room was made primarily for testing materials in a realistic environment, although it also offers a good environment to test lighting.

New Skier

Here are some renders, and breakdown images/video of the new 3D skier that is being developed for the website.

Skier render in the 3D ski area
Skier scene breakdown

A couple of animations of the new skier.

When making a turn, the edges need to be changed at the point where the skis are travelling straight forwards, and not sliding to either side.
Leaning forwards brings your centre of gravity, and pivot point further forwards, making the ski tips drop down the slope.
A test animation of the skier. Unfortunately the rigging required is so complicated that the skier's position currently isn't calculated properly by the 3D software under normal conditions, which makes finalising small position changes difficult.
Video showing the buildup of a skier test scene

The skier is rigged so that he can be easily animated, with many of the ski and leg adjustments happening automatically.

New Ski Area

Here are some renders of the new 3D ski area that is being developed for the website.

A blue piste
General view
Gondola station and magic carpets
Button lift

The ski area includes pistes to demonstrate every level of skiing, as well as full gondola, chairlift, T-bar, button lift, and magic carpet lift systems.

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